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Reclaiming YOU! (Spring Awakening)

Time to Reclaim you!

Hey Soul Family,

How many of you have been feeling tired, frazzled and/or fed-up?

Have you been dealing with one challenge after another after another?

Are you dealing with difficult people and difficult situations and feel like you are always the odd one out?

Well, guess what?

All that can change for you; with the recent energy of the New Moon in Aries and the planet’s shift into Vernal Equinox, we have entered a new phase where the option to start fresh is completely up to you.

This is your chance to hit the rest button!

To start anew. It’s all really up to you!

You can Reclaim YOU!

It’s a Spring Awakening - a time to create our realities and choose joy, peace and abundance despite all of our transgressions.

A time to choose what we wish to tolerate in our lives.

A time to love, forgive radically and accept others as souls choosing their own paths in this world.

A time to choose how we treat ourselves and how we want others to treat us.

And a time to finally show up for ourselves so that when all of the hard times and challenges come our way we are able to get through it with flying colors.

So if you want to change your circumstances, your environment, how people show up for you, change how you see and relate to yourself.

Reclaim who you are because…



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