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Ascension Time! Are you ready for another shift?

Hey Soul Family,

Happy Full Moon & Happy 4th!

Hope you are all having a safe and wonderful holiday.

I spent the last few days nursing a horrible chest cold and managing my mom’s care which is progressing into a difficult stage for her and our family, however we are blessed and managing as best as we can.

As I reflect on what it is I need to “get off my chest” and how I can continue to help my mother feel more at ease, I realize that at this moment, I simply don’t know, and yet I am at peace with not knowing and accepting all the current changes in my life and the world’s. I accept it because I am aware of an up-leveling due to an energetic shift that is currently underway as we enter yet another powerful portal.

We, my soul-loves, are at the precipice of yet another significant transformation.

Another one, you might say?

Yes, since entering this new paradigm shift in 2012, things have been accelerating at a faster pace. You might notice that you are going through challenges in life more frequently, a lot deeper and learning lessons at an astonishing rate, going from level to level, almost non-stop (I know that’s how it feels for me).

You might find yourself feeling moody, stuck, stagnant, and/or confused during this time in history and if you are, it might be because you are ascending. Not only that, but you and our planet are going through a transformative change at a cellular level. Our DNA is being reworked at this very moment. It is something that may not be comprehensible to us all, and it's certainly beyond my limited scientific knowledge to explain. However, spiritually and energetically, I get it. I can feel the change.

Can you?

I would love to know how the shifts have impacted your life, if you wish to share.

Yesterday’s Super Moon in Capricorn (Buck Moon), which brought in a stern but motivated energy, illuminates today’s alignment of the Sun & the star, Sirius, which may have us feeling a little more off-kilter. Nevertheless, we are expanding and shifting into a new existence. The world is changing; things as you knew it no longer exists. New spiritual teachings and information are coming at us all in an accelerated way. This shift will feel uncomfortable at first until we find our groove again. You might find yourself asking what is real and what is not? The best way to know and to flow with the change is through being conscious and meditating. When you mediate, you go within, you tap into the universal consciousness of oneness of love. Don’t even take my word for it, see for yourself.

Unplug from your electronic devices and social media and find time to be alone with yourself. Try any of these meditations/healing modalities:

Guided mediation

Walking mediation

Meditate with crystals

Automatic writing or journal

Breath work


Movement or trance dancing

Be in nature


Doing any of the above and find time to be with your true inner self and your divinity will provide you the information you need. If you can journal it all, do so & you can later see and have proof of how things are magically shifting and manifesting for you.

We have been going through a global ascension process since December 21, 2012. We have entered the golden age which will last for appx 23,000 years. Global and personal ascension (spiritual awakening) goes beyond, upgrading your cells and DNA.

Take care of your mind, body and soul.

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