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Bernadette Pleasant, Founder of The Emotional Institute

"Caliente/Mercedes is a truly gifted seer. She hears what isn't said and deeply connects to her clients. I feel entirely safe with her and know she, the ancestors and source work well together."


Elizabeth Johnson, Executive Director, Love This Body Wellness

"My wife and I both have sessions with Mercedes. Something I look forward to with relief and anticipation. I am telling you, the energy in our entire house changes whenever one of us has a session.

From the moment at the beginning of a session (when my mind is usually racing), when Mercedes grounds in the session and connects us, I feel my system calm. I feel supported, loved and safe. And I feel like I am able to receive clarity, release, encouragement and hope again.

My energy expands during the session and I feel lighter and more connected to love, possibility and truth. 

I think the sessions are so powerful because of Mercedes’ energy, her connection and her way of listening. She also is a wealth of knowledge in areas I know very little about and so she adds dashes here and there right when I need them. So I don’t have to be super knowledgeable about crystals, or chakras or reiki, because she is - and she can feel what bit of knowledge I need during a given moment . 

I am so grateful for who Mercedes is - her integrity, her wisdom, her care, her strength, her love, her patience and her trust. I feel all of that during sessions with her. And I feel like I can be fully myself with her - from the messiest human parts to the most beautiful parts of my divinity. She gets it, sees it and loves it all. I am very grateful to have her in my life as a guide, a healer and a teacher."


Antonia Marrero, Actress

"When I received my Intuitive Reading with Caliente Creatrix, I had so many questions.  To my surprise they were answered without me asking. She connected me to my Abuela in a way I didn't think was possible. Connecting me to an amazing spiritual connection to her that I always wanted. But never had the chance to have! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift with us!"

Samantha Peller_headshot.JPG

Samantha Peller, Voice Over Actress

"I signed up for a Chakra Balancing-Harmony, Relaxation and Healing session with Caliente Soul Expressions. Mercedes and her soothing, calm energy immediately helped me feel at ease. I was uncertain how the session would work virtually but right away as Mercedes started to work, I felt warm and tingly all over, the way you feel when chills rush up your spine. This indicated to me energy was shifting and being tapped into by way of Mercedes's energetic gifts. When I opened my eyes, Mercedes shared the results of her reading. I connected to so much of what she shared in terms of blockages she picked up on. We spent a lot of time discussing ways to continue on a healing path based on the outcome of her work.


I can't wait to continue to explore the tools she suggested using outside of sessions. Mercedes definitely is gifted in her chosen role. She is a healer. Anyone looking to tap into new methods to heal oneself would benefit from working with Mercedes. Looking forward to booking my next session soon!"

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