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Caliente (Mercedes) Vasquez is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Femme Attuned Movement Teacher and Spiritual Life Mentor.

She has always had an affinity and a natural attraction to the healing arts from a very young age. Her love for performance and creativity (actress/dancer) combined with her gifts for mysticism has allowed her to follow her soul’s calling and to help others find theirs. She is a light bearer, way shower/facilitator.  She is not healing you, she helps you find and see for yourself how you can heal YOU.

She does one on one soul healing sessions and facilitates workshops to help realign and balance your chakras. Caliente helps others connect to their soul's wisdom by using movement, sound, channeling, crystal, reiki and self love tools to help them activate their soul's purpose and activate the healer within. 

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