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Free Crystal Energy session for our Black and Brown Community

A full on healing session by zoom to help you realign your energy chakras, using reiki, meditation, movement, oracle cards, crystals and/or intuitive healing. This session will assist with helping you feel relaxed, grounded, will give you clarity and will provide you the information you need to help process and navigate how you choose to show up on your life's journey.

Image by Jared Rice

15 Mins Chakra Meditation

Chakra assessment along with a guided mediation to help balance your chakras and help you live a healthier life.

Image by Sarah Brown

30 Mins Distance Reiki Healing

30 minutes of Reiki sent your way to help reduce stress, anxiety and to help promote vitality with Chakra Assessment & a Guided Meditation.

Image by Dani Costelo

30 Mins Intuitive Soul Healing Session

This session helps to heal you by realigning your chakras so you can feel grounded, supported, motivated, inspired, connected, creative and at peace.

Includes crystal reiki healing meditation, breathing exercises and/or movement.


1 Hour Intensive Intuitive Soul Healing Session

Do you desire to go deeper? Want to break away from what's holding you back? Wishing to feel more empowered? Then this session is for you. A full 60 minutes of Intense Healing customized for soul's purpose. Includes: channeling, crystals, reiki and self love tools.

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