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It’s Spring and the New Moon in Aries is here to help you manifest all you desire!

I don’t know about you but this winter was brutal for me, yet it reminded me that life is cyclical and there are seasons for a reason. March brought us spring and with it new hopes, new beginnings and new endeavors. Spring brings in a time to enjoy, to connect with your inner child and connect with others, to watch the flowers bloom and enjoy the nicer weather (if you live up north) and to create and manifest all you wish and desire to do. A time to start fresh! No looking back, just look forward.

Today, the NEW MOON enters ARIES, also know as the Pink Moon. Named after Phlox flowers which abundantly bloom in early Spring. In Greek, Phlox translates to flame, bringing forth the fiery sign of Aries. The energy of fire offers an opportunity to move forward and allow our desires, rather than our fears to guide the way. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, also known as the Alpha. It is the single most powerful New Moon of the year for wishing! This energy brings forth courage, new beginnings, bold approaches, strong instincts, authenticity, honesty, innocence and play.

Make a list of everything you desire or wish for under this magnetic energy and use these following affirmations, brought to you by Leslie Maat.


  • “I easily find myself being more direct and honest in my communications with others.”

  • “All self-sabotaging fear will be totally lifted from me.”

  • “I easily find myself filled with courage and standing up for my convictions.”

  • “I easily find myself being authentic - being myself - in social situations.”

  • “I easily find myself making a successful new beginning in the area of initiating __________________.”

  • “I easily find myself consciously recognizing that every new risk helps me discover more about myself and my strength.”

  • “I easily find myself being aware of my instinctive responses to outer stimuli.”

  • “I easily find myself taking initiative in the situation with _____________ in a way that is successful for me.”

  • “I am filled with healthy high energy in every area of my life.”

  • “Feelings of simplicity and innocence will be renewed in my life.

Here’s Your New Moon Crystal: Fluorite

Fluorite is a crystal of higher mind, intellect, insight, learning, planning, clarity and focus. Use this crystal’s energy to help you focus on what you wish to manifest into fruition.


Don’t feel like starting anew or need a little boost?

Using Reiki & Crystals, I will scan your aura and guide you through a special healing mediation that will help release, realign and harmonize your chakras. You will feel grounded, uplifted and ready for a fresh start!

Click on image to book your session.

Be wild! Be free! Be anything you want to be! It’s never to late to start again!

Peace, Love & Light!



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