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How to live your best life no matter the challenges plus... it's a New Moon in Scorpio!

Hey Beautiful Souls

I am currently in the midst of a move, the selling of two homes, and the potential purchase of a brand new home with my mom who has Parkinson’s Disease, and a sister with special needs, while working over 8 hours a day.

To say my life is full right now is an understatement. Do I get stressed? Yes. Am I overwhelmed? You betcha. Is all this too much to bear? Depends on how you see it.

I am at peace and feeling good right now - Want to know why?

Because despite all of the responsibilities, commitments, and decisions that I have to make, I take care of myself first!

I ensure my needs are always taken care of.

It's called "Radical Self Care". It's the care I advocate for me! I take care of my mind, my body, and my soul so that I can take on everything life hands me. If I can't take care of myself how can I take care of everything and everyone else? It's the airplane mask analogy. Put yours on first and then help them with theirs.

How do I take care of me? I am glad you ask.

Here's a helpful list that works for me.

  • Daily Mediation - I like to do a guided mediation at night before I go to bed and in the morning I will either do a breathing technique or a mindful mediation followed by journaling. Going within helps you get grounded and clear. it also helps you connect to your guides and higher self.

  • Affirmations - I find that repeating positive affirmations throughout the day change my disposition. A few that work for me are:

    • I am at peace, safe, and secure no matter what.

    • Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow

    • I have the strength and courage to get through any situation.

    • I am filled with joy and ease right now.

    • Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come. I am safe.

  • Crystals - Depending on what I need to address at the moment, I will grab a crystal for that situation and just sit with it for 20 minutes.

  • Exercise - I like to do yoga at least 3x a week and when I don't get to it, I try to stretch for at least 15 minutes or take a walk.

  • Pleasure - I set aside at least 30 minutes a day to do something I LOVE or something that brings me JOY. For example; playing with my cat, watching a juicy show, dancing for 5 minutes to a favorite song (movement is key), having & savoring a yummy meal. What brings you pleasure? Write a list and do one thing from your list each day.

  • Inner Circle - I have a trustworthy amazing soul tribe and when I feel out of sorts I reach out to anyone of them, or collectively. My soul tribe is a group of like-minded individuals who know how to hold space for one another in healthy ways w/o any judgments or criticism. Find your soul tribe - it may take time so do not get discouraged. Follow your passion and you will find your people. And you always have your guides ;)

All this helps me get through the day and through those tasks that are so daunting & burdensome. Remember, what works for me, may not work for all. Find out what works for you and carve out the time necessary. You will see and find that you have more time & energy to take on the challenges that come your way too.

Trust yourself, trust your higher power, and trust the process.

You might experience some pleasant surprises! Need assistance with balancing & harmonizing your chakras or following your soul's calling book your first free session with me. It's time that you took care of you!


For centuries farmers all over the world have known when to plant their crops by the cycles of the moon. It is said that a new moon is a perfect time for growth. A time to release what no longer serves you and start fresh.

The new moon took place Sunday, November 15th at 12:07 am EST, however, anything done within the first 48 hours following the new moon will be met with rapid growth and fruition.

It's time to plant the seeds for all that you want to see change and grow in your lives; new beginnings. You have until November 17th at 12:07 am EST or the next New Moon. This new moon is in Scorpio which is a wonderful time to wish for new healthy relationships, businesses, self-mastery, and strength to overcome challenges. Let's start! Get yourself some paper & pen, light a candle a wish (and crystal if you have one). Here are some prompts for you to think of.

What are you looking to release? What are you looking to create? What do you envision is possible in your life? After you are done writing, you can hold your crystal in your hand and state the following affirmation: I am manifesting all that aligns with my highest potential as I reclaim my power and embrace new beginnings.

Peace, Love & Light Caliente


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