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Love is all you need: How to rebalance your Heart Chakra

Your Heart Chakra located in the center of the chest

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Love, Compassion, forgiveness

Chant: Yam

How do you know if you have a blocked chakra?

You find yourself dwelling on past relationships & past hurts, you are unable to let go, hold grudges, have trust issues, bottled up or unexpressed emotions.

Do some Heart Opening Yoga poses like Sphinx, Cobra, Bridge/Wheel.

Affirmations: I am worthy of love

I am loving to myself and others

I forgive myself and others

Crystals to use:

Rose Quartz

Green Aventurine




Ruby in Fuschite

Watermelon Tourmaline

Essential Oils:


Ylang ylang


Feeling anxiety, stress or worried? Open your self to LOVE.

When you become stressed or anxious, your brain overrides your emotions blocking your heart chakra.

Try this meditation:

Take a moment to get into a comfortable seated position, close your eyes and breathe in and out a few times Allow your mind to drift and your body to relax. Now imagine a ball of green light glowing from your chest area as you breathe it keeps expanding filling you up, the color might shift into a glowing white light, it gets brighter and brighter feeling you up with peace, calmness and love. Feel that combination flow through your entire body as it expands and surrounds you fully. Feel it nourishing you and calming you down. Keep breathing and when you are ready slowly open your eyes.

Practice Forgiveness & Letting Go.

Want to open your heart more?

Think of someone who has hurt you.

Write them a letter expressing the hurt (but do not send) expressing your feelings on paper is a great release.

Imagine this person and place them a bubble of light and love. Place yourself in a bubble of light and love and say I release with all the blessings in life.

Ho’oponopono prayer:

Please forgive me, I am Sorry

I love you, Thank you

Let go of what no longer serves you. If it doesn’t make you happy why is it still in your life?

All you need is love.


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