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New Year, New You?


We are only a few days into the new year, how are you doing so far?

Feeling stable after a tumultuous 2022?

Not yet?

I am with you.

2023 is a 7 Universal Year, which means it's time to focus on our spiritual and personal growth/evolution. It is a time to go within, a time to reflect on our lives.

It’s not a coincidence that so many of us are beginning to see and experience things that seem beyond our 3D comprehension, however our soul knows what’s going on and we need to go within to listen and understand as well.

These past few months were really challenging for me. Every quarter, I was hit by a devastating and profound event. I say profound because, after each event I felt stronger more informed & more empowered! To sum it up I lost some loved ones, including a beloved mentor and my pup, Penny. I got sick with covid not once but twice for the first time ever! My mom did too and then she fell and broke her hand in two places and if that wasn’t enough, I got a flat tire on Christmas Eve (but wait, I’m not done!) AND on Christmas Day a water pipe broke and flooded my basement. I am smiling even as I share, because I feel blessed despite it all. I am extremely grateful! Sh*t happens, it’s part of life! Its not what happens to you that’s important, its how you handle what happens to you that matters! I was also aware that I wasn’t the only one going through challenges and experiencing heart-break & pain. Everyone I spoke with was going through deep turmoil. It seemed like the collective was going through another “dark night of the soul” (an extremely arduous and painful period in one’s life) together. Through it all, it felt like sometimes you couldn’t handle one more thing and then you were surprised you could. You found support - at least I did and I encourage you as well, if you need it** I am reminded of that line in the song “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers, “We all need somebody to lean on…” There is support for us all, sometimes all we have to do is ask. Another lesson, I learned from my troubles is, sometimes we have to surrender, have faith and trust the process. My last day of 2022 was spent with my loved ones, releasing and purging, removing what no longer serves to make room for the magic that does. Take a moment to look back at this past year. Were there any heartbreaks or breakthroughs? How did you handle your experiences? What can you be grateful for? What Magic are you creating for 2023? MIR Soul Season

If you are having a bumpy start to the new year do not worry** May I remind you that life is cyclical and we all have our ups and downs and nothing lasts forever. Not even Mercury can stay in Retrograde forever, which will go direct on January 18th. So have no fear, we’ve all been through this before and if there’s anything I’ve learned from a MIR season, it’s that it is a reminder for us to slow down, a time to be, rather than take action. We, Soul-Loves, as a whole are moving toward a monumental expansion, an evolution toward our greatness, (Remember that Universal Year Number?), it is time to show up for yourself. ** For anyone having a difficult time and having thoughts of suicide, please email me or call/text 988 for help. You are not alone.

“Don't get lost in your pain, know that one day your pain will become your cure”

- Rumi

Peace, Love & Blessings



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